Bespoke Oak Buildings

Here at OakCraft, we take great pride in designing and crafting the very finest bespoke oak framed buildings. Oak has been used for more than a thousand years in construction. We’ve taken these time-honoured techniques and improved them through modern innovation. Transform your property by harnessing the beauty of nature. To learn more, call us today on 01425 208 401. 

Discover Gorgeous Design with Our Magnificent Bespoke Oak Buildings 

Here at OakCraft, we are passionate when it comes to the heritage of oak construction. For more than a thousand years, oak has been used to build all manner of structures around the world. It is strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing – the perfect trinity. Yet, traditional methods have their drawbacks, which is why our bespoke oak buildings combine tradition with modern innovation. 

All our oak framed structures sport top-grade materials and are designed to comply with all current building standards and regulations. Whatever structure we’re constructing, you can rest assured that it’ll boast the beauty of oak with none of its drawbacks. And we can help with every stage of the process or part of the process if you so desire. To find out more, read on. 

Beautifully Crafted Bespoke Oak Buildings 

To bring your bespoke oak buildings to fruition, we will begin by arranging an informal face-to-face chat with you. This will allow us the opportunity to discuss your vision, take on board your ideas, contribute ideas and advice of our own, and come to a design that satisfies your requirements. Once a design has been created, you’ll be presented with a FREE, no-obligation quote. 

Bear in mind that we can create all manner of bespoke oak framed buildings, including: 

We craft the components for all our oak framed structures, ensuring quality and precision from the get-go. You won’t be kept waiting around for the work to be finished, and this is largely thanks to our incredible, patented OakCraft Jointing System. It’s this system that allows us to build such a large variety of oak structures quickly. 

Bespoke Oak Buildings

Planning Applications 

Often, planning permission must be sought before any new structures can be built on your land. Fortunately, the OakCraft team can take care of such matters on your behalf. We’ll prepare a planning application for your new building at no extra cost. Please note that while we don’t charge a fee for this, there is a non-refundable local authority fee of £172 to pay. 

Also, please note that while we can take on basic planning applications, we cannot handle bespoke requests. If you require this service, we’ll happily refer you to a trusted professional. 

Supply Only or Supply and Assembly 

When you come to OakCraft for bespoke oak framed buildings, you’ll have the choice of either ‘Supply Only’ or ‘Supply and Assembly’. As the names imply, ‘Supply Only’ is where we create and supply all the necessary components along with assembly instructions. Your chosen professional then only has to follow the instructions to complete the work. 

If you prefer, our ‘Supply and Assembly’ service includes the full support of our team who will take care of assembling your new building(s) for you. 

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that OakCraft will be by your side from start-to-finish. To find out more about us as a company, keep reading. 

Why Come to Us for Oak Framed Structures? 

When it comes to infusing modern design with the gorgeous qualities of oak construction, there really is no company better equipped than OakCraft. We’re passionate about oak construction, a method that’s existed for over a thousand years. This is why we’ve made it our mission to design and create the very finest bespoke oak buildings. 

Oak is a wonderful material for the use in creating buildings as it effortlessly complements any natural landscape. It’s perfect for rural properties and even works well with urban and suburban developments too. And thanks to our use of high-quality, sustainably sourced materials, you can be assured of bespoke oak framed buildings which are not only eco-friendly but built to last too. 

Would you like to find out more about us as a company, our incredible building work, or maybe our fantastic prices? Then get in touch using the details listed below. 

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