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Are you looking to have a brand-new office fitted on your property? Perhaps you’d like to separate your personal and professional lives. Or maybe you simply desire a place away from the frantic and often chaotic atmosphere of a full house. Whatever the reasoning, if you lack space indoors, why not consider a garden office instead? At OakCraft, we build stunning, bespoke buildings, employing the time-honoured technique of oak construction. To make enquiries, call us today on 01425 208 401.

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For many working adults in the UK, working from home is part and parcel of life. It could be that your entire role is remotely based, or it could be that you work from home on certain days of the week. Not everyone has their own office that they can retreat to, and many have to make do with whatever setup they can conjure together. But have you ever considered a garden office?

A garden, or home office, is a bespoke building that sits outdoors, away from your property and any noise or distractions. It offers peace and solitude; the perfect conditions to conduct business, complete important work, and ensure those deadlines are met. And when you come to OakCraft, we’ll deliver you a stunning, bespoke office comprised of a gorgeous oak frame.

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What is a Garden Office?

We get asked this question more often than you might think. It is in effect exactly as the name implies: a stand-alone building that sits in your garden. Unlike a shed, it is a dedicated garden workspace that usually has mains connections to both water and electricity. These buildings also normally feature insulation and are heated, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

As far as planning permission goes, this is usually not required if it’s to be used as a home study and is a comparable size to a garden shed. Also, it should ideally not exceed four metres in height (for a pitched roof), be at least two metres from the property line, and not take up more than half of the garden. If none of these is true, planning permission may be required for a garden office.

Likewise, if you are operating a business from your home office, planning permission will be needed regardless of how big or small the building is. Fortunately, planning permission is something we can help you with here at OakCraft. More information on that can be found below.

In short, a garden room is:

  • A Dedicated Workspace Away from the Property
  • Usually Connected to Mains Electricity and Water
  • Insulated to Ensure a Comfortable Environment for the Occupant
  • Insulated to Help Dampen External Noises
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How Can OakCraft
Be of Assistance?

When it comes time to expand your property with a dedicated workspace, the first thought is usually the spare room in your home. This isn’t necessarily the best idea, however, as you aren’t entirely removed from the noise and distractions. It’s also too close to technically be separated from your personal life, and you could always use the spare room for something else. Enter the garden office!

At OakCraft, we build for our clients a wide range of bespoke, oak-framed buildings, from carports and gazebos to oak garages and workspaces that look truly magnificent. We’ve long admired the history of oak construction; a practice dating back over a thousand years. But oak construction always had its drawbacks; drawbacks which we’ve successfully overcome through modern innovation.

We stay true to the traditional crafting values that underpin oak construction. But when crafting a garden workspace, or any other building, we’ve introduced a way to improve on this time-honoured technique. First, you must always choose a team of trusted and proven contractors, such as ours. Second, our patented OakCraft Jointing System ensures that high-quality oak buildings can be assembled quickly.

Third, this system also ensures maximum durability and strength while allowing us to customise various attributes of the final build. Therefore, when hiring us to build your garden office, you can be assured that we will work quickly and effectively and provide you with a bespoke building that’ll last for years to come.

Introducing Our Beautifully Constructed Garden Rooms

Nothing makes a statement that elevates a garden quite like the addition of a bespoke home office. Such a building offers a place to go to work without noise or other distractions, and it also serves to boost the aesthetics of your garden. If your family is expanding, space indoors will likely be at a premium. And large families mean things can often get rather chaotic. An outdoor workspace offers a great workaround. Plus, should you wish to sell your home in the future, it’ll boost the market value too.

At OakCraft, we only ever use the highest quality materials procured from sustainable sources, ensuring our buildings are built-to-last and environmentally friendly too. We’re committed to being the first choice for those looking to invest in a bespoke oak-framed building, such as a garden office. And to ensure that we always deliver on your expectations, we’ll always begin our communication with a face-to-face consultation.

Our team will discuss your ideas and talk you through the options available to you. We’ll carry out a site survey, take measurements, and determine whether you’d require a ‘Supply Only’ service or need help with the installation as well. Once we have everything we need, you’ll be quoted for your new home office. There’s no obligation to commit, and you’re more than welcome to walk away at any time, cost-free.

Planning Permission

As we mentioned above, a garden office may require planning permission depending on its intended use and size. Our team will advise you if this is the case and offer our services as comprehensive planning consultants. We can draw up or expand upon existing plans for your new garden room. Customisation is important, so we ensure that these options are included in the plans.

By informing you of previous designs that we’ve created, you’ll be better informed as to what is and isn’t possible with your garden workspace. Finally, we’ll prepare a planning application for you, which we will submit on your behalf. We don’t charge for this service, though there will be a non-refundable local authority fee of which we will make you aware of before you commit.

Please note that we don’t produce bespoke reports – if this is something you require; we’ll be happy to put you in touch with a trusted professional who does.

Our Process

As mentioned above, we offer two services: supply only and supply and assembly. If you’re enquiring about a new garden office, you’ll have been asked which service you require during the initial consultation.

Supply Only

If you already have a contractor lined up, we’ll supply you with the oak and softwood components, along with complete instructions on how to put everything together. Our buildings must be assembled on a base that meets our specifications. We’ll usually survey the builder’s base and advise whether it’s suitable or not. All the oak for your garden office will have been cut to size and joined in the Mill. Please note that softwood must be cut on-site. Off-site support is available.

Supply and Assembly

If you require us to assemble your garden office, we’ll produce the base and the brick plinth ourselves. The day before assembly begins, we’ll deliver the frame to your property. On the day of the work, a crane will be used to lift the frame into place atop the base. Afterwards, we’ll stud, clad, and cut the roof, and fit any specified joinery and glazing. The last step is for us to tile using our own roofing team. Or, if you prefer, we’ll leave it to your chosen roofing specialist.

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is Our Aim

Benefits of an Office Located in Your Garden

So, now you’ve heard about how we can make your home office a reality, but now you’re likely wondering what the benefits are. After all, why not just convert that spare room or save yourself the money and keep up with your current setup? To make your decision easier, we’ve listed some benefits below that should illustrate why you should consider creating an office space in your garden.

First, consider not having to commute to and from work each day. With the current ongoing pandemic, many are having to work from home anyway. But if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather have extra time to spend with the family? And with less commuting, there’s less money spent on fuel, coffee, lunches, etc. But what about the benefits of a garden office itself.

Well, consider how a garden office can be customised – you can create a workspace that’s designed to your specifications. And we can modify it however you like. For instance, maybe you’d like a garden room/ office hybrid build. You can have one half dedicated to work with the other half for relaxing or those all-important brainstorming sessions. If you’re visited by clients, it’ll also give you somewhere to comfortable to talk business.

There’s the professional angle to consider too – a garden workspace is far more professional looking than working from your kitchen table. While you’re working, you get the benefit of being in the office without the office politics. Plus, such a space allows you to fully separate your personal and work life – once you step outside and into your house, you’ve left your job behind.

Finally, and as touched on above, a home office or any garden room for that matter will add significant value to your property. So, to summarise, the benefits of having a bespoke office built for your garden include:

  • No More Commuting
  • Save Money and Time
  • Fully Customisable Workspace
  • Professional Looking
  • Separates Personal from Professional
  • Adds Value to Your Property

Other Services

In addition to a garden office, we at OakCraft can build other oak-framed buildings for your property too, including:

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If you’re interested in having a garden office built, call OakCraft today on 01425 208 401, email us at, or complete our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

    Why Come to Us for a Brand New Home Office?

    When it comes to the time-honoured tradition of oak construction, it’s fair to see that we at OakCraft are very passionate about this. We’ve long admired techniques which have existed for over a thousand years. But we felt they could be made better, and so we improved on them. The result is a garden office unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

    Our highly skilled and talented team will construct a garden office that’s to your specifications. We only use premium-quality materials from sustainable sources. And thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System, you can expect exceptional results delivered quickly. From consultation to delivery, we work with you every step of the way, providing outstanding value for money that sets us apart from all the rest.

    100% Client Satisfaction
    is Our Aim