How Oak Can Increase the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

How Oak Can Increase the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

Not only is oak revered for its durability as a building material (link to previous blog post on this?) but it’s beauty can add aesthetic value to your home.

The natural and light hue of oak makes it the perfect material to complement your home.

Let in the Light

The practical benefits of oak coupled with the aesthetic values can create a wonderful room. Framing windows with oak can allow for natural light to flow through and reflect a golden hue throughout, creating a stylish and modern yet rustic feel in a property.

Even during colder days, the warmth of oak resonates and adds to the personality of a room.

A Sense of Luxury

Including interior oak features like beams and staircases can also add interest to your property and create beautiful rooms.

These ornate components add a touch of class and style without revamping your whole house. Turning a bland interior into a feature filled home can be cheaper and easier than designing a whole new structure – including minimal oak aspects can have maximum effect.

Extend the Possibilities

An extension can be of value to any house, but an oak extension is priceless. Whatever effect you wish to create for your extension, oak can work with a variety of materials to provide your perfect space.

Whether tradition or modernity is your goal, oak will complement many designs. This extra space not only will add value to your home in the fact that it is another space for you to spend your time but may actually increase the financial value due to the added square footage of the extension.

Disguising Steel Structures

Whilst cold, grey beams may be necessarily for essential structural support in some buildings and conditions, they do not present a warm and welcoming impression.

Open plan buildings especially must regard structure as vital due to their lack of supporting internal walls. Disguising the supporting beams can help add to the natural, warm atmosphere of a property and hide any unsightly industrial construction.

Porches – A Welcome Touch

The front door is often the first part of your house visitors will see. An oak porch can be an exquisite welcome to your property and can be utilised for various reasons throughout the year. It can provide shade in the summer months or be used to store muddy shoes or keep firewood dry in the winter.

It is impossible to deny the benefits of adding oak to your home for both aesthetics and financial value. If you’re ready to transform your home, contact us at OakCraft today.