Oak Buildings

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Design inspiration comes from the many types and varieties of oak-framed buildings across the centuries. All rely on the basic principle of joints, halvings, oak pegs and oak braces.

We have a wide range of oak framed buildings available. To view more images of each type please click on the corresponding image below.

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Bespoke Oak Buildings and Garden Rooms

Amid the various options, our most chersihed one is oak framed garages. An oak framed garage is a fantastic investment for those looking to create a practical and visually appealing space for their property. With its natural durability and strength, oak provides a robust and secure structure that will last for many years to come.

We not only offer the finest Oak frame garages Newury offers but also the best oak framed garages Winchester has! Furthermore, we provide the most durable and aesthetic oak framed garages Petersfield offers. An oak framed garage is a timeless and durable addition to any property, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Your Options

OakCraft buildings can be supplied in many ways:

Supply only – all the oak and softwood components are supplied with complete instructions either for self-build or for a local builder to use. OakCraft buildings need to be assembled on a base to OakCraft specified dimensions. The oak is cut to size and jointed in the Mill; softwood requires cutting on site. Off-site support is provided.

Supply and assembly – Either OakCraft will have produced the base and brick plinth or we will have surveyed your builder’s base. We deliver the complete frame to site the day before assembly starts and on the first day our own crane will accompany our craftsmen to construct the oak frame. OakCraft will then stud, clad, cut the roof and fit any specified joinery and glazing. We will then either tile using our own roofing team or leave the building ready for your own roofer.

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    Our Service

    OakCraft staff take pride in their work, whether it be drawing a unique design, making an oak frame to the highest traditional standards, assembling a building on-site, making an oak pergola or feature roof truss. Linking all the tasks is a love of working with wood, a respect for the remarkable heritage of oak and care for the preservation of the countryside, all backed by decades of unrivalled client care which as become ingrained in the service culture of OakCraft.

    OakCraft offers a personal service, getting to know their customers, whether through a full project or meeting a smaller need. Whilst our architectural services mean OakCraft can supply detailed drawings showing elevations, plans, sections and specifications which can be used for making a planning application.

    100% Client Satisfaction
    is Our Aim

    OakCraft are able to design unique versions of all these types of bespoke oak framed buildings giving a quality solution to your individual requirements.