Oak Carport

Do you require additional space for your cars? Do you live in the countryside and want to protect your car from the elements? Well, by turning to OakCraft, we can design and construct a stunning oak carport for your premises. For a spacious area that can shelter your vehicles, there is no better company to turn to. To request an estimate for our services, give our team a call on 01425 208 401. 

An Oak Framed Carport Designed to Perfection

Unlike a traditional garage that is fully enclosed, a carport is a shelter that has at least two open sides. This type of structure is not only practical but it offers an aesthetic appeal that traditional garages do not. By choosing our dedicated team at OakCraft, we can design and build an oak car shelter that is beautiful yet incredibly strong. 

There are not many materials that provide a stunning look and can also stand the test of time. Our professionals have vast experience in crafting structures using oak. We have built upon traditional techniques and enhanced them with our patented OakCraft Jointing System. This allows us to create a design for your oak carport that is much more versatile, something that other manufacturers cannot do.  

When building an oak framed carport, we use superior-quality oak that is supplied by Holmsley Mill. As well as being flexible with design, we can also move the placement of eaves beams and ties should you require extra headroom. Our flexibility also extends to the build of your new structure. 

For example, we can work from a pre-existing design template or start from scratch, whichever is more suitable for your premises. Rest assured that every project we take on is customised to the needs of our clients. No detail is missed when we design and construct your new oak car shelter, and you will be kept abreast of all developments. 

Tailor Your Service 

What makes us stand out above other companies that specialise in oak craftsmanship is that we tailor every service to your needs. This refers to the design of your oak carport, but also to the supply and assembly portion of the service. When you enlist our expertise, you can choose for us to simply supply the carport, or to put it together as well. 

If you would prefer to take the assembly process into your own hands, then we can deliver the parts of your oak framed carport. Alongside the parts will be instructions on how to assemble the structure. Keep in mind that offsite support is provided, meaning that we can cut your oak to size. at Holmsley Mill. 

Bespoke Oak Framed Extension

If you would prefer our team to put together your new oak car shelter onsite, then we will arrive the day after your frame has been delivered. Our professionals will bring a crane to help with the assembly process, completing the following: 

  • Studding and Cutting the Roof 
  • Cladding the Roof 
  • Joinery Work 
  • Glazing 
  • Roofing 

Why Hire Us to Design and Build an Oak Carport?

Here at OakCraft, we understand the care and attention that is required to construct an oak carport that is both beautiful and strong. Oak has been a favoured material among many for more than 1000 years thanks to its durability and aesthetics. We have taken the traditional techniques of craftsmanship and enhanced them to build structures that are built to last. 

As a business, we make sure that there are three areas in which we excel. They include high quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and tailored services. Trust us when we say that there is no better company to turn to for an oak carport. 

Contact Us 

To request an estimate for a stunning oak carport, get in touch with our team by calling 01425 208 401. You can also send an email to mail@oakcraft.co.uk