Oak Double Bay Garage

Are you looking to have a gorgeous new garage constructed on your premises? Perhaps you’d like something that’s more sophisticated than the standard garage so many properties come with. Here at OakCraft, we possess a genuine passion for crafting beautiful oak structures. An oak double bay garage will make a wonderful addition and provide plenty of storage space. To find out more, call us today on 01425 383 489.

Discover the Benefits of 2-Bay Oak Garages

A garage is a convenient place not only to store a vehicle or two, but also to set up a workshop or store items and furniture. But a garage is also an opportunity to add sophistication and style, dramatically increasing the kerb appeal of any property. If storage space is a factor, might we suggest our oak double bay garage option?

Our oak twin bay garage is built to last and engineered using techniques pioneered by us. Such techniques preserve the beauty of traditional design while enhancing it with modern innovations. The result is a garage that’s gorgeous to behold and will provide a safe haven for your vehicle(s).

Designing an Oak Double Bay Garage

Every project starts with an idea and evolves into something greater. We don’t simply supply you with a stock option. What you get is something built from the ground up, either from scratch or a pre-designed unit. Design flexibility is something we offer, ensuring unlimited design potential. In no time, we’ll have designed one of our perfect 2-bay oak garages for you to enjoy.

The beauty of an oak double bay garage is that it can be partitioned. This can be done to increase security or to create a separate area, perhaps for a workshop or a man cave. An upper floor can also be added, further increasing the versatility of your garage space. We design everything in line with your needs, and our quotes, which are highly competitive, reflect the end result.


With OakCraft, you have two options – ‘Supply Only’ and ‘Supply and Assembly’. The two options are fairly self-explanatory. Know that with ‘Supply and Assembly’, buildings must be erected on a base which meets our specifications. You can choose for us to build the base for you, or if one has already been built, we’ll need to survey it before proceeding.

Each project occurs in stages, from delivery of the frame to the arrival of our crane and team. We take care of all construction, including installing the roof unless you specify otherwise. Also, before erecting your new oak twin bay garage, we’re happy to provide a planning service.

Drawings can be created and made available to you, and we can even prepare the planning application, free of charge.

Please note that for more bespoke reports, we’ll recommend a professional who can help. Also, for each oak double bay garage, a non-refundable local authority fee of £172 applies.

Need Something Bigger or Smaller?

Not to worry. As well as our 2-bay option, we also supply the following options:

If you have any questions, you can direct them to a member of our team by calling OakCraft today on 01425 383 489.

Oak Double Bay Garage

Choose Us to Build Your Oak Twin Bay Garage

Here at OakCraft, we take immense pride in being considered as the foremost experts on oak construction. We have a genuine passion for oak-related craftsmanship, along with an admiration of its historical significance. A building material for over 1,000 years, the rich heritage of oak makes it a great choice for creating elegant, stylish looking buildings.

To create our oak double bay garage, we’ve taken all the best bits of oak construction and made them better. Each building we construct is a real labour of love, and evidence of the many hours we put into making them a reality. When you approach us with your request, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the finest garage on the market.

We stand by our workmanship, the quality of the materials we use, the talents of our employees, and the competitiveness of our prices. You won’t find a better option for 2-bay oak garages anywhere else.

Contact Us

Would you like to enquire further about an oak double bay garage? Then call OakCraft today on 01425 383 489. Alternatively, email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk, fill out our online contact form, or take a look at our FAQs section.