Oak Framed Extension

Are you looking for a specialist oak framed extension? Then look no further as our team of oak specialists are here to help you design your perfect oak building. Working alongside Holmsley Hill, not only do you get high-quality craftsmanship, but you also receive high-quality from unrivalled traditional woodsman-ship who supply us with superior oak products.

We ensure that you receive impeccable service throughout the process, creating tailored designs for a unique oak building. There are two of our main focuses, with the main focus being our high-quality craftmanship.

If you are looking for an impeccable team of oak framed building specialists, please call us on 01425 208 401 or email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk. You can also fill out our “Get In Touch” form so you will be able to send any enquiries or receive a quote that fits your schedule. Our team of specialists will respond as soon as possible to help you achieve your dream oak building.

Stunning and Durable Oak Framed Extensions

At Oak Crafts, we can help you design bespoke oak frame extensions that will increase the value of your property both aesthetically and financially. We are the number one supplier of beautifully designed extensions that can provide swift installations. Our experienced team have pioneered various oak techniques using traditional methods. To make us stand out from the rest, we have patented our own joining technique that makes us a cut above our competitors.

Whether you want to expand on living space in your property or improve the overall look, our oak framed extensions will be the perfect addition. Working with Holmsley Hill, we are supplied with the highest-quality oak available, meaning not only is your new extension aesthetically pleasing, but it is also durable with minimal maintenance.

Our Bespoke Extension Services

Our bespoke extension service can be fully customisable to your specific wants and requirements. We ensure that each one of our builds and designs is unique so that you can make the most out of having a bespoke oak extension. We offer our extensions and other building services as either a ‘supply only’ or a ‘supply and assemble’ package to be completely flexible with delivery and installation.

Craft Oak specialists ensure that each extension is durable throughout the seasons and year with minimal maintenance. You will not receive anything less than the best service with our high standards, especially similar manufacturers, and competitors.

Garden Rooms

Not only do we supply bespoke extensions, but we also help you to design and build impeccable garden rooms that you will want to use all year round. With our pioneering techniques stemming from traditional oak craftsmanship, we go above and beyond making sure that your new oak feature can withstand most weather conditions all year round.

We aim to ensure that our garden rooms exceed your expectations, leaving you more than satisfied with our builds. With credible suppliers and in-house specialists, you will always be treated as our main priority with your needs in mind.

Supply Only

We aim to be as flexible with our services as possible to cater to your needs and provide you with the best customer service within the industry. So, if you need a bespoke oak feature but already have a reputable builder that you would prefer to use, we offer ‘supply only’ packages. We supply and deliver the beams and building materials so that you and your builder are provided with the highest quality of materials.

Supply and Assembly

Our team of specialists aim to be flexible in providing you with the best service. With many of our clients using external builders, we have a team of trained contractors working with us and building your bespoke oak feature.

With our ‘supply and assembly‘ package, you receive not only your ideal oak building but a skilled contractor that will make sure that all your needs are met whilst on the job. Once the build is completed, you won’t even notice that our specialists were constructing your building. However, this service is slightly more expensive compared to our ‘supply only’ package, but you also receive the high-quality service that comes with the added price.

Benefits of House Extensions

There are a variety of benefits of having a house extension built. The main advantage is the additional space that comes with an oak extension. The added space allows for larger families to live more comfortably in their homes. Not only is our build practical for your needs, but they are also aesthetically pleasing, which makes not only you and your family but those around you enjoy your new build.

These factors put together; your property value increases. A small investment into your property elevates the overall value over time so that if you are one day looking to sell your property, the pay-out of your property will have a dramatic increase.

Increase Space Without Having to Move Out  

Many peoples’ first solution to needing more space is to move out. However, this tends to be costly and stressful for those involved. With a bespoke extension, you’re able to stay within the comforts of the home you have worked hard to build whilst extending your property.

Enhance Property Valuation

A small investment of a bespoke oak extension can make the value of your property increase. Meaning that if you are looking to sell straight away or later down the line, the selling price will be more than it is without the extension. Our specialist team is on-hand to help you design the perfect extension to meet your requirements whilst reaching the building’s full potential.

More Than Just Oak Framed Extension Professionals

We are not just an oak framed extension specialist but a bespoke oak building specialist. Oak Craft can design and build a variety of oak buildings whether you are looking for Oak garages, upper floor oak buildings, oak pool houses, specialised buildings, stable balconies and porches, as well as carports and gazebos.

Whatever your requirements are, we will be able to meet them and work with you to gain the most out of your desired building whilst using high-quality oak and high-quality craftmanship.

Oak Framed Porches

During the summer nights, people tend to spend most of their evenings outside. However, people tend to stay inside or go somewhere else if they do not have an aesthetically pleasing and durable space. Our team at Oak Craft want to ensure that you can make use of all your properties space.

We supply extensions, balconies, and porches to fit your needs and desirable home aesthetic with a tailored service, which our professional team can install. So, if you are looking for skilled contractors, then look no further as we can provide you with a high-quality oak framed porch alongside a team the wants to turn your ideal porches into a reality.

Oak Framed Gazebos

Are you looking to install a beautiful oak gazebo or bespoke carport? Here at Oak Craft, we are supplied with the finest high-quality oak and with our Oak Craft patented joining system, we can design you a bespoke oak framed gazebo. The gazebos that we create are not only sturdy and durable; they also are designed to have more headroom than other traditional gazebos and carports.

Work alongside our professional specialists to measure and design the ideal space for you to use all year round. If you need a trusted contractor to make the installation process run smoothly, one of our highly skilled and experienced team members will ensure the installation is stress and hassle-free on your part. We also offer ‘supply only’ packages, so we can deliver your new gazebo ready for installation if you already have a trusted contractor.

Oak Framed Pool House

If you want to install a pool on your property, you might have considered a pool house. By having a pool house where you can then install a pool, you can use your new feature all year round and protect it from dirt and pollution. Your pool house also adds a beautiful oak framed feature that everyone can enjoy whilst increasing your properties value.

With oak being a desired material of choice for over 1000-years, our team aims to showcase the durability, high quality, and extraordinary strength of this material. By working with Holmsley Hill, not only will you receive impeccable tailed craftsmanship, but you will also receive the highest quality of oak that we can source. With our patented joining system combined with this standard of oak, you will receive a beautiful bespoke oak framed pool house.

Why Choose Us for Your Oak Framed Extensions?

Special Offers

At Oak Craft, we have several special offers of pre-designed oak features, with readily established measurements and prices. The shown prices are ‘supply only’ self-assembly kit prices and do not include the VAT price. If you would like more information and may be interested in our assembly services and roof tiling and slating services, please contact us via telephone, email, or our enquiries form.

Currently, we have one, two and three-bay garages ranging from £5,200 to £7,900. We also have a two and three-bay upper floor barn with prices ranging from £11,400 to £13,900.

If you are looking for the perfect contractor to design and provide installation for your new oak frame extensions, we are the best company for you to use. With our team of specialists, we aim to create the best one-of-a-kind oak feature that elevates the overall look and aesthetic of your property. Our team works to your wants and requirements, measuring and designing your unique oak-framed extensions. With many factors, Oak Craft is a cut above the rest compared to similar manufactures and contractors.

We ensure that our team carries out the best service for you. Being flexible around you and your needs is something we excel in. At Oak Craft, we offer two packages: ‘ supply only’ and the other ‘supply and assembly’. If you have already sourced a contractor that you wish to use to install your new oak framed gazebo, then our ‘supply only’ package is ideal for you. We deliver specially crafted oak to your property so that the installation process runs smoothly.

However, we offer a’ supply and assembly’ package if you need a contractor to install your new oak framed gazebo. At Oak Craft, we have specially trained professionals that will be able to come to your property at a time that fits your schedule. We ensure that our workspace is as neat and tidy as possible, especially after the installation. We leave the area looking as if no one was there so that you can enjoy your new oak feature without the worry of cleaning up after contractors.

To ensure that you receive the+ highest quality of oak that we can source, we source all our oak from Holmsley Hill. With Holmsley’s unrivalled traditional woodsmanship combined with our extensive knowledge and expertise in craftsmanship, we can provide you with the best service within the industry. In addition, with superior supplies, we can create exceptional oak features.

The best quality of oak should receive the best quality of craftsmanship to create something extraordinary. After many years and experiments out team has pioneered our own Oak Craft joining technique. We have analysed and built upon traditional methods to form our own patented technique.

With the way we structure our oak frames and establish our joining system, we enhance the durability and strength of our oak frames. As well as that, your comfort is something we have taken into consideration when creating this technique. With this system, it increases headroom throughout the feature and along with the framing.

With many factors that we have put into place, we ensure you will receive the highest quality of oak-framed extensions. The team at Oak Craft are more than happy to help you in any way, whether it be enquiries, quotation or the supply and installation of your new oak feature. We know that we are the best in the industry with our services, and we are more than happy to provide you with those services.

Other Solutions

BesidesOak Frame Extension our sought-after oak framed garden rooms, we are also trained to carry out many other home improvement solutions. All of these can be amended and customised to your exact requirements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you may also be in the market for brand new:

Contact the Oak Experts Today

Are you looking for an oak framed extension or a bespoke oak building? Our team of trusted specialists are on hand to help you bring your external oak building ideas to life. With Oak Crafts one-of-a-kind joining, you will not find a more well-structured oak building like it. Whether you have a trusted builder or require one, we can provide you with a ‘supply only’ package or a ‘supply and assemble’ package.

If you believe that we are the best oak building specialist for you, please call us on 01425 208 401 to talk to one of our oak specialists, who will be happy to discuss your current requirements and create a free quotation. If you cannot contact us by telephone, please email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk or fill out the enquiry form on our website, and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible.