Oak Framed Extensions Alton

Welcome to OakCraft – home of the best oak framed extensions Alton has to offer. We’re a professional company with many years of experience designing, supplying, and even assembling top-quality oak framed buildings. From a conservatory to a single- or double-storey extension, we go the extra mile to deliver your vision. 

Our team possess unrivalled experience when it comes to oak craftsmanship. We practice this time-honoured construction method with a modern twist. Our patented OakCraft Jointing System enables us to achieve results that our competitors can’t match for a very competitive price. 

And we ensure that you receive outstanding customer service from start to finish, reassuring you of excellent, hassle-free service. Your new conservatory or extension is just a phone call away. So, if you’d like to make further enquiries, pick up the phone and call OakCraft on 01425 208 401. 

We look forward to working with you to realise your dream home improvement. 

The Most Reliable Oak Framed Extensions Alton Has to Offer  

Here at OakCraft, we consider ourselves the most reliable supplier of oak framed extensions Alton has to offer. An extension is a fantastic way to boost your liveable space, unlock new possibilities for your home, and increase its market value. The latter is especially useful if you ever plan on selling your property. 

We design and build oak framed extensions that are gorgeous and engineered with your requirements and preferences in mind. Our accomplished team has pioneered various oak techniques using traditional techniques and modern innovation. This includes patenting our own jointing technique that provides a level of flexibility that’s unmatched. 

Perhaps you’re looking to add a conservatory to your home. A conservatory is a wonderful feature that provides a go-between letting you fully enjoy the wonder of your garden while providing shelter and a place to relax. Or maybe you’re looking to expand the size of your kitchen or lounge or expand the upper floor with one or two more bedrooms. Or maybe even add something different, like a home study, gym, kid’s playroom, home theatre, etc. 

Whatever the case, the sky’s the limit when you choose to work with the oak specialists here at OakCraft. We build our extensions using the highest quality oak, carefully sourced from sustainable forests. Our extensions are designed to require very little maintenance and to stand the test of time. 

And our oak extensions are fully customisable, so you can tailor your extension just the way you want it. For the full range of customisable options, don’t hesitate to speak with a member of our team who’ll be happy to discuss your request further. Plus, we offer two levels of service – ‘Supply Only’ and ‘Supply and Assembly’. 

If you choose ‘Supply Only’, we’ll supply all the necessary components and full assembly instructions. We’ll also need to survey the base on which the extension will be built to ensure that it meets the required standards. 

Alternatively, you can choose our ‘Supply and Assembly’ service – we’ll supply all the components and build the extension ourselves. 

Benefits of Oak Framed Extensions  

OakCraft has countless years of experience designing and building truly magnificent oak framed extensions, among other oak framed buildings. Our oak extensions are highly regarded for their beauty and impeccable quality, so you can be confident that you’re investing in a top-tier product. 

We employ traditional oak framing techniques, modern innovation, and the most advanced manufacturing technologies to create stunning extensions. As for the benefits, here are a few reasons why you should select oak framed extensions for your home: 

  • Adds Value to Your Property 
  • Beauty 
  • Quicker to Build 
  • Outstanding Durability 
  • Sustainability 
  • Environmentally Friendly 

Many people regard oak as a luxury material, so an oak framed extension will often add significantly more value than a standard extension. 

After all, oak possesses certain feel-good qualities. When you look at it, it invokes a positive mood and lifts the spirits, leaving us feeling immersed in nature. Oak’s beauty and green credentials are why its popularity has never faded and why so many come to us for oak framed extensions each year. 

Unlike traditional extensions, the frame of the extension is built at our workshop, while the groundworks are readied on your property. Then the kit is simply delivered and assembled. In short, oak framed extensions are much quicker to build. 

Oak buildings can still be found standing centuries after they were built – a testament to the strength and durability of oak. 

When managed correctly, oak is a sustainable resource that can be easily replaced. At OakCraft, we only source our oak from sustainably managed forests, so you can trust that you’re doing your part for the planet. 

Speaking of doing your part, oak framed extensions are environmentally friendly, too. That’s because oak spends its life absorbing CO2 from the air. This greenhouse gas remains locked inside the oak when it’s chopped down, ensuring that there’s less in the atmosphere where it can do harm. 

Other Exceptional Services We Provide    

Here at OakCraft, we recognise that not everyone wants to add a conservatory or extend their property to make their kitchen larger. That’s why we don’t provide a “one-size-fits-all” service and don’t just design and build oak framed extensions. Oak is a very versatile material that can be readily used for many other applications. 

To that end, we also design and build: 

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of the options we offer. If you’re considering an oak framed structure not listed above, feel free to contact OakCraft. We’d be delighted to discuss your request further and suggest how we can help. 

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Oak Garages

If you own a vehicle, a garage is always a wise investment. While cars can be left outdoors, this is less than ideal, especially given how unpredictable the British weather can be. But before deciding on a standard brick-and-mortar garage, why not consider an oak garage instead? 

We have several excellent options, ranging from 1-bay oak garages suitable for a single vehicle to large 4/5 bay oak garages options. Our garages can be compartmentalised, with areas dedicated to vehicle parking, while others are set aside for workshops or hobby rooms. And our garages can be customised with other features, such as side or rear aisles for added storage, internal partitions, heavy-duty doors, etc. 

And you can also choose to add an upper floor, which gives you the option of additional storage, a dedicated space for hobbies or even ancillary accommodation. 

Bespoke Oak Framed Buildings  

At OakCraft, we offer an array of oak framed buildings that can be fully customised to your exact requirements. These range from garden rooms to pool houses and stables. Each is fully customised inside and out and finished to a high standard. And thanks to our OakCraft Jointing System, we can achieve a level of flexible design that’s unmatched. 

To learn more about our bespoke oak framed buildings, give the OakCraft team a call today. 

Oak Balconies and Porches

Balconies do not tend to be common, but if you’ve always desired one and your property can support the weight, consider an oak balcony. Oak balconies offer advantages over regular balconies and are blessed with the magnificent qualities of oak. We’ll design your balcony to fit your property, ensuring it’s engineered and installed to a high standard. 

In addition, we also design and construct oak porches. A porch acts as a gateway between your home and the outdoors. It’s a place to receive guests and store shoes, coats, and umbrellas, so these are not brought inside. It can help boost heat retention and security by providing an extra go-between between your home and the outdoors. 

Gazebos and Carports

Gazebos are a wonderful feature that’ll enhance any garden while providing a place to sit and relax alone or with company. At OakCraft, we design and craft splendid gazebos that will be a focal point for your garden. Our gazebos are sturdy and durable and designed to complement your garden. 

As for carports, these can be free-standing or installed onto the front of a garage, providing outdoor shelter from the rain. Our carports range in size, so they can be customised to the available space and/or the number of cars you own. To learn more about our excellent carports, call us to see what bespoke options are available. 

Why Choose Us for Oak Framed Extensions Alton Clients?  

With an incredible team of oak framed specialists on call, you simply cannot do better than the services offered by OakCraft. We’re the best contractor to call for all your oak framed requirements as we have many years of experience designing and building oak framed buildings. We’ve built up an enviable reputation in that time, and many of our customers would happily recommend us to friends and family. 

Our commitment to sustainability is a significant part of why we’re so highly sought after. We work closely with Holmsley Hill, who supplies all our oak. Holmsley Hill has an exceptional reputation for its traditional approach to woodsmanship and comprehensive crafting knowledge and expertise. In addition, Holmsley Hill’s sustainably managed forests are the perfect place to source quality oak responsibly. 

Another detail that sets us apart is our fantastic OakCraft Jointing System. This system enables us to achieve a level of customisation all while preserving the strength, beauty, and integrity of your new oak framed building. We’ve built upon traditional techniques, making them even better through modern innovation. 

Our methodology, including how we assemble our oak framed extensions, enhances the strength and durability of our oak frames. This ensures that the extension you invest in provides you with many years of reliable service. And what’s more, we take your comfort into account, too. Another benefit of our jointing system is that it increases headroom throughout, providing more space than other systems. 

And yet another reason so many customers hold OakCraft in such high esteem is our attention to detail. We work closely with each customer, considering their full requirements and ensuring that the result accounts for these requirements fully. We pay close attention to detail, never considering a job finished until you and our team are 100% satisfied. 

Whether you’re looking to add a new conservatory or build a larger kitchen or additional living space, rest assured that we’ll always build the right extension for your home. Through our jointing system, you’ll be assured of a building with finer aesthetics that’s superior and more resilient, no matter how creative your vision might be. 

Plus, we’ll never supply you with a pre-built stock option – every building we craft is treated as an individual product and is a labour of love. 

Contact Our Experts Today  

So, if you’re planning on expanding your living space and searching for a company that excels at building oak framed extensions, Alton customers need look no further than OakCraft. From a large open-plan kitchen to a bigger living area or a new conservatory, our oak framed extensions are tailored to your requirements and budget. 

And thanks to our ‘Supply Only’ and ‘Supply and Assembly’ services, you pick the service level you need. Regardless, you’ll be supplied with top-quality components produced by our team from carefully sourced materials. And you’ll always receive expert advice and guidance, steering you in the right direction. 

Would you like to learn more? Then pick up the phone and give the oak specialists at OakCraft a call today on 01425 208 401. We’d be happy to give you a full primer on the options available to you. For written enquiries, fill out our online contact form or email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk.