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Are you looking for a company hailed as designing and building the best oak framed garages in Salisbury? Then look no further than OakCraft, as we design and construct gorgeous oak framed buildings, from home offices and conservatories to garages, garden rooms, annexes, etc. We’ve taken a centuries-old technique and perfected it through modern innovation. 

Customers can expect impeccable build quality with timber frames built using premium-grade materials and engineered using our patented OakCraft Jointing System. And you can decide to handle the assembly yourself or leave the whole project to us. Sound good? Then pick up the phone and call us on 01425 208 409 to get started. 

The Best Oak Framed Garages Salisbury Can Rely On 

At OakCraft, we proudly design and build the best oak framed garages Salisbury has to offer. If you’re looking to expand your property by adding a place to store a vehicle, an oak garage is a great choice. Our oak buildings are customisable, meaning your new garage can be used to store your vehicle and much more. 

The sky’s the limit for our oak framed garages, and if you’d like to explore these options further, just give us a call. 

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Why Choose OakCraft Specialists? 

Why should you choose the experts at OakCraft? Because we’re a company that’s spent many years designing and building quality oak framed buildings. We’ve long admired the charm and character of oak construction, and our passion for replicating this time-honoured construction method set us on a journey that’s led us to where we are today. 

Over the years, we’ve developed and honed our patented OakCraft Jointing System, improving on time-honoured construction techniques through modern innovation. All our oak frames are timber of substantial size, meaning our oak framed garages have excellent load-bearing capabilities. The system also enables a degree of customisation not possible with systems provided by other manufacturers. 

We’re responsible, too, as all our timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests. So, if you’re conscious about the environment, oak garages are a great investment. While oak grows, it absorbs carbon from the air that remains locked in the timber once harvested. And harvesting and building oak garages require very little in the way of fossil fuels. 

Next, you should consider the service that we provide. We offer two excellent options – supply only and supply and build. Supply only means we’ll cut the timber components to the right size, then supply you with the parts and instructions showing you how to assemble the garage. You’ll need to have created a base that meets our specifications before proceeding. 

If you choose us to supply and build your garage, we’ll supply all the necessary components, build the base, and handle the assembly, including installing the roof. Whatever decision you make, know that we’ll support you 100% and never try to pressure you into a different decision. 

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    So, if you’re looking to add a garage to your property, we highly recommend having one built with timber frames. Oak buildings have long been a mainstay in this country for centuries, and they remain as popular a choice as ever. Nothing beats the style, charm, and character of oak frame buildings, especially in rural areas. 

    What better choice for your property than an oak framed garage? To find out more, contact the oak frame specialists at OakCraft by calling us on 01425 208 409. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or email us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk. We will respond shortly via your preferred method of contact. 


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