Oak Framed Porch

If you’re looking to expand your home with a brand-new oak framed porch, you’ve come to the right place as OakCraft craft exquisite, bespoke oak framed porches that are second-to-none. We source only the finest oak from a sustainably managed forest, ensuring to use only pieces that meet our high standards. All our oak porches are built with our patented OakCraft Jointing System, which boosts customisability while reducing construction time. 

Once the parts are ready, we can either arrange to supply the parts along with assembly instructions or assemble your porch ourselves – the choice is yours. And if you require planning permission, we can even take care of this on your behalf. The OakCraft team are committed to ensuring all your needs are met by covering all the necessary bases. 

So, if you desire a new oak porch for your property that looks fantastic from the outside, look no further than OakCraft. Call 01425 208 401 to get started. 

Bespoke Oak Framed Porch Designs Like You’ve Never Seen Before  

If you’re searching for something special, OakCraft has what you’re looking for – bespoke oak framed porches like you’ve never seen before. We provide customers with a vast assortment of options – all our porches are fully customisable, designed for properties of all shapes and sizes. Porches are great for adding more space and storage. Rather than having shoes, coats, etc., piling up indoors, they can be neatly stored inside the porch. 

A porch acts as a transition point between the outside and the home. Shoes can be removed without needing to bring them inside, sparing you the hassle of dirty floors. And porches add a layer of security as they provide an additional barrier between intruders and your home. 

The exceptional quality of our products is well-recognised in the industry, and our sought-after oak framed porches are no exception to this. In fact, we get a lot of new orders now through referrals and recommendations, which makes us very happy as we’re a company that will always go the extra mile to facilitate a customer request.  

OakCraft has pioneered multiple oak construction techniques over the years, so your property is in safe hands. While we have modernised our operations, we have still stayed true to our traditional crafting values, which will be obvious when you see our products first-hand! 

Stunning Oak Framed Porch Design

A stunning oak framed porch is sure to modernise your home, enhancing the aesthetics while boosting the security and space available to you. In the event you ever decide to sell your home, a porch will greatly boost the market value of your property. Oak buildings represent a worthwhile investment for any property owner.  

When it comes to getting an oak porch, it’s very important to do your research and only hire a professional company that can demonstrate a track record of past excellence and numerous positive client testimonials. This is where OakCraft really stands out from the competition! 

Our Proven Steps from Inception to Completion

We adopt a proven process from inception to completion. Our process begins with a face-to-face consultation, continues with a FREE, no-obligation quotation, and concludes with the delivery and assembly (if requested) of your brand-new oak porch.  

Our team always recommend seeking planning permission to avoid any issues. We are happy to assist with the preparation of a planning application on your behalf. If you require a bespoke report, we’ll put you in touch with a trusted professional that deals with such requests. 

Advantages of Oak Over Other Materials

There are several advantages to using oak over other materials, such as: 

  • Durability 
  • Aesthetic Appeal 
  • Less Prone to Warping When Exposed to Sunlight
  • Excellent Water-Resistant Properties
  • High Resistance to Wear and Tear Stains and Polishes Well 
Oak Framed Garden Room 1

How to Choose the Right Porch for Your Home  

There are factors to consider when choosing the right porch for your home, such as roof design, window frames and glass, doors, decorative extras, etc. Here at OakCraft, our team would be more than delighted to talk you through the options available to you to help you make the right decision. 

“Supply-Only” or “Supply and Assembly” Service

If you choose “Supply-Only”, we’ll supply you with all the necessary components and assembly instructions. All oak is cut-to-size and jointed in our mill, while softwood will need to be cut on-site. 

If you choose “Supply and Assembly”, we will deliver the components and assemble the porch for you. 

Other Services We Offer

The OakCraft team specialise in manufacturing high-quality, bespoke oak frame porches. But oak porches are by no means the extent of our capabilities. We manufacture a wide range of oak buildings, so whatever your requirements might be, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. Just some of the options available include:  

Why Choose OakCraft to Create Your Perfect Oak Frame Porch?  

At OakCraft, we’re committed to the satisfaction of our customers. To that end, we provide a personalised service to ensure that every last detail is tailored to your requirements. We begin with an informal consultation to learn your requirements and to discuss the particulars of your request. This is followed up with a FREE, no-obligation quotation – we’re confident that you’ll find our prices to be very reasonable. 

For OakCraft and our clients, customisation is key, so our team wants to offer you exactly what you want, with no compromises. We know that your home is your kingdom, so you shouldn’t have to cut corners when it comes to improvements and expansions!  

During our many years of successful service, we’ve built up an excellent reputation for the quality of our work as well as our fantastic customer service skills. We are beyond confident that you won’t hesitate to recommend our company after you’ve had one of our oak porches installed. 

Contact Us to Get the Oak Framed Porch of Your Dreams

Porches make for a nifty little addition to any property, and oak porches are a world unto themselves. They boast an aesthetic that’s unique to oak frame construction and one not shared with aluminium or uPVC porches. If you’re looking for a property feature that exudes sophistication and character, you certainly cannot go wrong with an oak porch, as you’ve likely already established from the article above. 

And one thing else should be clear – OakCraft represent the very best when it concerns the design and manufacture of quality oak buildings. We provide a comprehensive service that harnesses a 1,000-plus-year-old form of construction with modern, innovative techniques. If you would like to learn more about this process, all you need to do is contact OakCraft today on 01425 208 401. 

If you’d rather get in touch in writing, you can do so by either filling out our online contact form or emailing info@oakcraft.co.uk.