Oak Garage Bournemouth

Are you looking to improve your property by adding a new garage but don’t wish to settle for the usual garage design? Then you’ve come to the right place as we design and construct buildings that are sophisticated and stunning to behold. An oak garage in Bournemouth provides you with wonderful aesthetics. And thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System, we can offer options no other manufacturers can. Phone OakCraft now on 01425 208 401 to get started!

Settle for a Beautifully Designed Oak Garage in Bournemouth

Garages are a common feature, mostly used for storing vehicles, but they can also serve other purposes. Some use them as workshops, while others might adapt them for use as a man cave, entertainment room, home gymnasium, or even somewhere for the kids to play. In that sense, a garage can be designed to be as traditional or non-traditional as you like. At OakCraft, we take things a step further; we’ll build you an oak garage, Bournemouth residents nearby will be envious of.

The secret is our patented OakCraft Jointing System and the fact that we carefully source our timber from sustainable sources. We ensure only the best quality timber is used, and we follow a set process that guarantees successful delivery of your new garage in the shortest possible time. We take care of every last detail to provide Bournemouth oak garage assemblies which are second-to-none. This includes:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Partitions
  • Roof
  • And More!

That’s right; we don’t just build the basic frame; we also make sure everything else is also taken care of with a level of precision you won’t find elsewhere. And thanks to the above-mentioned OakCraft Jointing System, we can offer options other manufacturers can’t!

An Oak Garage Bournemouth Customers Will Love

We don’t keep prefabricated units lying around; every project is entirely bespoke and handled from the ground-up. You can work with us to create a truly unique design or choose from one of our existing designs, which can be completely customised. We offer options ranging from 1-bay oak garages all the way up to 5-bay oak garages options. This and more will be discussed with you during our initial consultation. We’ll take on board your requirements and talk you through the customisations available for an oak garage in Bournemouth built by OakCraft.

Planning and Construction

For your oak garage, Bournemouth customers, we can provide a basic planning service, including design drawings (standard buildings up to 4-bay options). These can be submitted in support of your planning application. A non-refundable local authority fee will be required though we don’t charge any fees of our own. Please note that we don’t offer specialist planning services but can recommend you to someone who does.

You’ll also need to let us know whether you have someone else in mind to assembly your garage or whether you’d like us to do it for you. For ‘Supply Only’, we supply all the components along with assembly instructions. We’ll cut any oak pieces to size and joint them in our mill. Softwood will need to be cut on-site, and we’ll provide you with off-site support. For ‘Supply and Assembly’, our Bournemouth oak garage team do all the above, and we assemble the garage too.

Whatever you decide, this will ultimately affect the final cost. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote for your oak garage, Bournemouth customers.

Oak Double Bay Garage

Why Come to Our Professional Bournemouth Oak Garage Company?

Here at OakCraft, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve amassed as well as the loyal client base we’ve built. Many of our customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their friends and families, something that pleases us as a customer-centric company. We’re passionate about oak construction which is a thousand-year-old tradition that’s stood the test of time. Only, we’ve taken this time-honoured technique and made it even better for the best oak garage Bournemouth customers have seen.

This is largely thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System, which provides us with a level of flexibility other companies can’t hope to match. We provide our customers with a bespoke service tailored entirely to their requirements. Not only that, but an oak garage in Bournemouth crafted by us won’t cost you a fortune. We price our services competitively, ensuring you get unbeatable value for money.

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Fancy a new oak garage? Bournemouth customers need only get in touch with OakCraft by phoning us on 01425 208 401, emailing us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk or filling out our online contact form to make it happen.