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Here at OakCraft, we have a passion for crafting quality oak Garages that are aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Our name is synonymous with high-spec craftsmanship. We’ve pioneered techniques that enable us to fabricate buildings in a variety of different ways, without compromising traditional craftsmanship or quality.

Thanks to our unique and patented OakCraft Jointing System, we’re able to offer an aesthetic and construction quality unavailable to other manufacturers. Our oak garages are an excellent example of this approach, and you can find out more about these below.

Creating a World-Class Oak Garage

We don’t keep a stock of oak garages on hand – every project is treated individually. Whether you choose to start from scratch or have us work from an existing pre-designed unit, we can offer you virtually unlimited design flexibility.

While our approach does mean that our buildings aren’t the fastest to build, the wait is certainly worth it. We’re able to incorporate the correct oak components at the appropriate time. Plus, any other features, such as windows, doors, partitions, and more can be customised precisely to your specifications.

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Your Options

Customers have two options available to them – supply only and supply and assembly. If you opt for ‘Supply Only’, we will supply you with all the necessary components along with assembly instructions. All oak is cut-to-size and jointed in the Mill, while softwood will need to be cut on-site. Offsite support is provided.

As part of our ‘Supply and Assembly’ service, we’ll also take care of constructing your oak garage. Our buildings must be erected on a base which meets with OakCraft specified dimensions. To that end, we’ll either construct the base and brick plinth ourselves or survey one already built by your chosen builder.

Your oak garage frame is usually delivered the day before, with the crane and our team arriving the next day to begin work.

The next step is to stud, clad, cut the roof, and fit any joinery and glazing – our team will take care of all of this, so you don’t have to. Finally, we can tile the roof or leave it for your designated roofing specialist to handle.

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Oak Garage Sizes

We have a range of oak garages in different sizes starting from 1 bay oak garages up to 4 bay oak garages. Click on the images below to view examples of our different sized garages.


Our 1 bay garages are just as versatile as our larger garages. You can add extras such as heavy duty garage doors or a single door for additional access. Other features such as a side aisle and or a rear aisle make it an ideal storage solution. Windows or skylights can also be added.

2 Bay Oak Garage

All the features of the 1 bay oak garage and more.  You can add an internal partition for additional security or to divide the space into sections.  2 bay garages can also have an upper floor added. A popular option is to add an upper floor, read more about our upper floor oak garages.


Our 3 bay garages have endless options and uses.  As with our 1 & 2 bay garages, we have pre-designed, engineered and drawn 1, 2 & 3 bay ‘standard’ garages on special offer. Many of our customers opt for the additional space of an upper floor on their garage – find out more.

4 and 5 Bay Garages

Our 4 bay garages come into their own –  you can make them personal to suit your individual needs.  All our garages are bespoke unless you are buying one of our special offer garages. You can also gain additional space with an upper floor.

From Planning
to Perfection

Our Planning Service

Every project is priced individually, and we’re happy to provide our customers with a full planning service. Drawings can be made available (standard buildings up to 4 bays) to accompany your own planning application. If you’d prefer, we can prepare the planning application on your behalf free of charge. Please be aware that we’re unable to produce more bespoke reports in-house, but are happy to recommend a professional who can.

Please also note that a non-refundable local authority fee which applies to all planning applications. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and careful planning ensures that we pay the utmost attention to detail.

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    Why Should You Choose OakCraft?

    The team at OakCraft possesses a love and respect for the remarkable heritage of oak. We’ve drawn our inspiration not from modern design, but from the many gorgeously designed buildings that have existed over the centuries. These oak-framed buildings, regardless of their uniqueness, all adopted the same basic construction principles of joints, halvings, oak pegs, oak braces, etc.

    Our innovative OakCraft Jointing System retains this traditional approach while making a few changes here and there to make it even better. For instance, our frames are all oak of substantial size. This ensures that our buildings feature excellent load-bearing capabilities that meet safety standards which far exceed that of modern buildings.

    What’s more, is that all our buildings, including our oak garages, are made using oak procured from sustainable sources. Oak is highly resistant to rot and woodworm, and with reasonable maintenance, you can expect your garage to last for many centuries.

    100% Client Satisfaction
    is Our Aim

    Our Service

    We take great pride in every aspect of our job with client care firmly ingrained in everything we do. The OakCraft team goes the extra mile to understand our clients’ needs better. We can tackle requests of all sizes, such as oak garages, and other options, including:

    • Home Offices
    • Annexes
    • Conservatories
    • Complexes
    • Pool and Garden Rooms
    • Barns

    We can construct oak garages in different sizes starting from 1 bay oak Garage options up to 4 bay oak garages. Click on the images below to view examples of our different sized garages. Alternatively, click on any of the links above to learn more about our other oak-framed buildings.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more, make sure you give OakCraft a call on 01425 402 507 to request a brochure.