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For more than 1000 years, oak has been the material of choice, used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings. Its remarkable strength and durability are why so many buildings have remained standing for centuries. Oak brings a remarkable quality with a beauty that only increases with age. At OakCraft, we’ve adopted a unique approach to the tried and tested method of constructing oak buildings, including oak pool houses.

Our unique and patented (Patent Number 2338004) OakCraft Joining System allows for a greater amount of versatility. It ensures superior strength and resilience with a safety standard that exceeds most modern-day constructions. This incredible system enables us to design and build oak pool houses that surpass what any of our competitors are offering.

The OakCraft Jointing System optimises the placement of eaves beams and eaves ties, providing increased headroom. And, with the timeless qualities of oak, we can replicate traditional results, ideal if you require your oak pool house to complement the surrounding buildings.

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Treat Yourself to a Beautifully Designed Oak Pool House

For the team at OakCraft, attention to detail is everything. Our traditional oak frames are built using premium-quality oak procured from sustainable sources. The frame serves as a starting point, and from there, any and all details, seen and unseen, are checked to ensure they are correct.

We can provide our customers with complete design flexibility. We don’t keep stock buildings on hand; every project is treated individually and is designed from the ground-up. You can start from scratch or to save time, customise one of our pre-designed units.

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From Planning
to Perfection

Our Planning Process

Before we construct any building, a lengthy planning process is first completed. This ensures that everything has been signed off and agreed to before we begin the next phase. As part of our process, we can create and make available a series of design drawings. For oak pool houses, we can also prepare a planning application on your behalf.

We do not charge for this, though a non-refundable local authority fee which applies to all planning applications.. Our planning application service entails a desktop application which includes all relevant site and location plans and reports produced in-house. Please note that we are unable to accommodate more bespoke reports. If these are required, we can recommend a professional who can assist you in this regard.

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    What Options Are Available to You?

    When choosing OakCraft, customers can opt for either ‘Supply Only’ or ‘Supply and Assembly’. The terms are self-explanatory with ‘Supply Only’ covering the supply of all necessary components. We’ll also provide assembly instructions for you or your chosen builder to follow. Offsite support is provided, all oak will be cut-to-size and jointed, and any softwood will need to be cut on-site.

    If you wish for us to assemble your new oak pool house, we’ll first start by constructing the base. All oak pool houses are built on our OakCraft base as standard. If you select another builder to construct the base, we’ll need to survey it to ensure that it meets with our specified dimensions. The frame will then be delivered the day before work is due to commence.

    On the first day, our crane and team will arrive together and begin assembling your new oak pool house. We’ll take care of studding, cladding, and cutting the roof, and handle any joinery and glazing work. The OakCraft team can install the roof or, if you prefer, we can leave it for your preferred roofer to handle.

    Once work is completed, we’ll complete one final inspection before signing off the job. You’ll be free to enjoy your new oak pool house and all the benefits an OakCraft masterpiece can bestow.

    But what if you’re after something else? Speak to the OakCraft team as we can construct all manner of oak buildings, including:

    Why Choose OakCraft?

    The majesty of oak cannot be overstated, and it’s this quality among others that’s made it a popular building material for over 1000 years. Many buildings constructed from oak centuries ago are still standing today, and it’s this aspect that we admire most. Thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System, we’ve harnessed the full potential of oak construction, making it even better!

    We’ve taken those time-honoured building practices – joints, halvings, oak pegs, and braces, etc. – and improved on them. The result is oak-framed buildings that boast excellent load-bearing traits and gorgeous aesthetics, built to safety standards that surpass modern buildings. Our buildings are environmentally friendly because we use oak procured from sustainable sources.

    Plus, with resistances to both rot and woodworm, you can rest assured that your oak pool house will remain standing for many years to come.

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