OakCraft Oak Framed Conservatory

At OakCraft, we make it our mission to craft only the best quality oak structures that are pleasing to the human eye and built to last. Our techniques have enabled us to create a wide range of oak buildings to suit all needs, using traditional craftsmanship and taking it to new heights.

Our dedicated team at OakCraft are on hand to get you the best oak structure possible. We’re able to offer you the best construction quality on the market, and our oak framed conservatory is just one incredible example of this. Call us today on 01425 208 409 to find out more.

Creating Your Own Bespoke Oak Framed Conservatory

At OakCraft, we don’t have premade conservatories on hand ready to put up; we create all of our conservatories for our customers bespoke. We treat every job we take individually as we understand that everyone is different and they will have different requirements for their conservatory. With OakCraft, you can start from the very beginning, creating oak framed conservatories that meet your requirements.

Although your very own customised conservatory won’t be created overnight, the best things in life come with a little patience, and your own bespoke oak framed conservatory is well worth the wait. However, as we’re working so closely with the oak, we’re able to incorporate any intricate designs you have in mind. This can be from window frames to grand partitions you might want, made to your specifications.

OakCraft Services

At OakCraft we’re happy to say our oak framed conservatories are the best in Dorset and our amazing customer reviews are testament to that. Our team takes great pride in every aspect of their job and that’s why we are proud to offer a range of other services to our customers, which includes:

You can see all the pictures on our website to showcase the amazing oak structures that we can make for you and we’d be more than happy to discuss anything you might want to explore through a telephone or face to face consultation.

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Why Pick OakCraft Conservatories?

As well as being able to pick your dream conservatory and customise it to your own specifications, there are many reasons why you should be picking OakCraft for your oak framed conservatory. Every one of our projects is priced individually and we’re happy to provide our customers with a full planning service. Everything will be detailed along the way and our staff are on hand to answer any questions and give expert advice at any point. We offer the most affordable prices in the area and always deliver 110% on every project we take on.

Our team has the highest respect for oak and the many creations that can be made from it, which is reflected on our website and through the many products we produce. Our oak process draws inspiration from grand designed buildings that have lasted for hundreds of years. Taking inspiration from these buildings and incorporating them into our own ensures we offer the best structures for our clients that will stand the test of time. All our buildings have excelled load-bearing capabilities which meet all safety standards and far exceed modern buildings made from other materials.

The best part about our oak is it’s all sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our oak is sourced from 100% sustainable suppliers who make sure no long term damage is done to the environment. Oak, with reasonable maintenance, is highly naturally resistant to woodworm and rot which means you can expect your oak framed conservatory to last for hundreds of years without causing any issues or costing a fortune.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote and a virtual tour so we can talk through your oak framed conservatory needs. Give us a call on 01425 208 409 to speak to one of our super helpful team or drop a quick email to mail@oakcraft.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer you can always fill out our simple online form and you’ll get a response within a timely manner.