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Oak Orangeries

OakCraft: Bespoke oak frame orangeries in 2024.


Experience the timeless elegance of a bespoke oak framed orangery, handcrafted by OakCraft. Our orangeries seamlessly blend the warmth and natural beauty of oak with expansive glass to create a stunning addition to your home – a space filled with light and a year-round connection to the outdoors.

From classic to contemporary, OakCraft will collaborate with you to design an oak framed orangery that perfectly complements your home’s style and your desired use of space. Imagine a light-filled dining area, a tranquil garden room, or even a light filled home office space – the possibilities are as expansive as your imagination.

Direct Glazing​

Direct glazing is the ideal solution for a green oak frame orangery. By securing the glass to seasoned oak cover boards on the exterior of the frame, we maximise natural light while ensuring an impenetrable barrier against water intrusion. This technique accommodates the natural movement of drying green oak frames, providing a weathertight and durable solution.

Unlike conventional rebated glazing, direct glazing showcases the entire oak frame from the interior, revealing its inherent beauty and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your orangery. This creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, bathing your orangery in natural light and cultivating a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Our bespoke joinery services offer exceptional doors and windows designed specifically for oak orangeries. Crafted from premium, air-dried oak, our “ledge and brace” doors blend elegance with durability, enhancing any extension.

We provide an extensive range of high-quality single, double, and bi-fold doors, along with opening windows, all meticulously crafted to complement your oak structure. Our joinery can be finished in a variety of styles, including painted options, for a stunning contrast with the natural oak. Each piece is tailored to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional finish.

Planning Services

At OakCraft, we understand that a stunning Oak Framed Orangery begins with meticulous planning. Before construction starts, we’ll guide you through design drawings to ensure your vision is perfectly captured. To streamline the process, we can even handle planning applications on your behalf, including necessary documents and reports. Our goal is to ensure your Oak Framed Orangery becomes a masterpiece of craftsmanship that seamlessly reflects your personal style.

Please note: Specialised or bespoke projects may require additional consultant reports.

Supply Only

For the passionate DIY enthusiast or those who prefer to work with their trusted builders, OakCraft offers an exceptional Supply Only service. This option allows you to be intimately involved in the construction process, delivering all the required oak and softwood components directly to your site, precisely cut to size and ready for assembly.

Our comprehensive instructions serve as your guide, meticulously detailing every step of the construction process, ensuring a seamless experience whether you choose to undertake the project yourself or collaborate with a local builder. With OakCraft’s Supply Only service, you gain the flexibility to bring your vision to life on your terms, while relishing in the satisfaction of contributing to the creation of your dream structure.

Supply & Assembly Service​

For those seeking complete convenience and peace of mind, OakCraft’s Supply and Assembly service is the ultimate solution. Our team of experts will manage every aspect of the process, from the delivery of materials to the final assembly of your exquisite oak-framed Orangery on the designated base.

With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen will construct sturdy stud walls, apply durable cladding, secure the roofing system, and install bespoke joinery and glazing elements. This comprehensive, full-service approach ensures a seamless and stress-free construction experience, culminating in a beautifully finished structure that is ready for immediate use and enjoyment. At OakCraft, each traditional or contemporary orangery we create is a testament to our commitment to the craft of oak framed extensions and structures.

Installation Process & Staged Payments

Our installation process for your Oak Framed Orangery is designed to ensure both exceptional quality and minimal disruption. We structure payments to align with key construction milestones, offering you transparency and financial peace of mind throughout the project. The system’s versatility allows us to transform traditional designs, offering unparalleled customisation that expands your creative possibilities. Every custom project is treated as a unique endeavour and does not rely on pre-built stock. Whether you desire a standalone masterpiece or a structure that seamlessly blends with its surroundings, OakCraft’s expertise delivers.


Your Oak Framed Orangery is an investment in enduring elegance. We stand by our craftsmanship with a robust aftercare service and guarantee. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure your orangery maintains its beauty and structural integrity for years to come.

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