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Oak has been at the heart of craft building for more than 1000 years. Construction styles may have come and gone with the centuries but the remarkable strength, durability and beauty of oak has endured.


The oak used in the Saxon Church at Greensted, Essex, was 600 years old when erected in 845AD. In later centuries the highly prized oak was almost harvested out of existence before enlightened forestry programmes turned it into a sustainable resource.


Today oak still provides an unrivalled and timeless quality to buildings. Its strength and beauty increase with age.

Careful forest management ensures that landscape and wildlife habitats are protected while the wood is growing and that more trees are planted when mature ones are felled.


Generations of craftsmen in the heart of the Southern England’s New Forest have worked with oak for well over a century. Today they create individual buildings solely to order. Only the finest quality oak is used for oak frames yet nothing is wasted. The rest of the carefully controlled, fully sustainable forest harvest goes for fencing posts or logs. Even the sawdust is put to use.

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