Oak Framed Building

Our services at OakCraft were recently requested by a client looking to carry out a project in the heart of the New Forest. We were tasked with constructing an oak framed building that was to have two open garage bays and a workshop with a single door and window. After a comprehensive planning process, our team arranged the delivery of the required materials and got to work on the construction.

under construction 2

Process and Challenges

The project began with groundworks that were completed by a third party company of the client’s choosing. While we cannot complete groundworks ourselves, we’re more than happy to put you in touch with recommended companies depending on your location. Our team then took control of the project and began the construction process. Erecting the frame for the building was challenging as we had to ensure it was sturdy while maintaining the desired shape from the client.

Once the initial frame was put in place, our team began to put into place the various other features requested by the client. This involved additions such as a Tyvek moisture barrier being added to all clad walls. Adhering to the drawings we’d initially created, we also had to ensure that the roof was at an exact 35-degree pitch. Thanks to the comprehensive designs we’d created before the project, this process was much easier than it may have been otherwise.

The roofing itself was sub-contracted by us at OakCraft using a company that we work closely with. Subject to your location, we can now price up the roof covering for you ourselves. The roofing was the final addition to the now completed building.

oak sketch
oak structure


Once completed, the client was incredibly pleased with the work we’d carried out. They were impressed with the speed and efficiency with which our team worked while still delivering a building of exceptional quality. The designs we had put together had been closely followed, much to the satisfaction of our client. Thanks to the detail and effort we had put in at the beginning of the project, we’d managed to produce a building that met all requirements.

The building was constructed entirely out of materials of the highest quality so that it would prove to be durable and long-lasting. We paid close attention to detail on each aspect of the project to make sure that the final building was stable. Our team also kept the client updated on our progress at every stage to ensure that they were satisfied with our work. Overall, the project was a success and further demonstrated the consistently excellent quality we at OakCraft can deliver.