Upper Floored Buildings

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When satisfying the individual requirements of our customers, OakCraft always goes the extra distance. We can design unique variants of all our Oak buildings, with features customised in line with the client’s exacting specification. Our passion for crafting quality oak constructions can be seen in all our work, including our upper floored oak buildings.

If space is a main point of consideration, our upper floored oak buildings are precisely what you need as they unlock the full potential of your roof space. In fact, this option has become a popular choice for those who opt for OakCraft buildings. All of this is made possible by the generous specification and quality of the oak that our craftsmen use.

Not only are our upper floored oak buildings sturdy, but they also come with a full-height entrance door and external staircase that integrates seamlessly. The addition of double-glazed dormer windows provides plenty of natural light throughout while helping to maintain the internal environment. The beauty of upper floored oak buildings is that they can be designed for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Home Offices
  • Storage
  • Children’s Retreats
  • Craft Workshop
  • Ancillary Accommodation
  • And More!

You can learn more about these incredible buildings below or by calling OakCraft on 01425 402 507.

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Stunning Custom-Built Upper Floored Oak Buildings

As with the rest of our range, all our upper floored oak buildings are entirely bespoke and built to order. We don’t keep any pre-built options in stock, so what you’re getting will be 100% unique to you. We provide an in-depth planning process in which we’ll offer you the choice to work from a pre-designed unit or to start fresh with a blank canvas.

The advantage of a pre-designed unit is that it gives you a starting point that can be easily customised exactly how you want it. Starting from scratch, however, gives you the complete creative freedom to specify every little detail. Whatever option you decide, you’ll enjoy almost unlimited design flexibility, leaving us free to fabricate the upper floored oak building you’ve always envisioned.

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From Planning
to Perfection

Roof Pitch and Eaves Options

As all our upper floored oak buildings are made-to-order, they can be fully personalised with the roof pitch being adjusted to accommodate planning considerations. Thanks to our unique extended eaves option, up to 1.2m of vertical extension can be achieved, providing greater use of edges and corners. Plus, thanks to our innovative OakCraft Jointing System, our buildings retain all the desired traditional elements while offering improved stability, strength, and durability.

A standard planning service will include an individual assessment and client report by an independent structural engineer for your peace of mind. Once a final plan has been approved and signed off on, our team will get to work creating your new upper floored oak building. We’ll keep you apprised of our progress throughout and once completed, make sure everything meets with your approval.

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    Why Should You Choose OakCraft?

    When it comes to oak construction, one name truly is synonymous with quality. With respect for the remarkable heritage of oak buildings, we’ve taken all those tried and tested designs that have existed for centuries and made them even better. Thanks to our cleverly thought out construction methods, we’re able to create buildings that look stunning while exceeding the safety standards of many modern-day equivalents.

    The OakCraft team are all passionate about what they do, and customer service is firmly rooted in the heart of our company. We’re happy to tackle requests of all sizes delivering a level of excellence that is second-to-none. The beauty of oak construction is that it is highly resistant to rot and woodworm. With a reasonable amount of maintenance, you can expect your upper floored oak building to last for many centuries to come.

    If you have any questions about our upper floored oak buildings, give OakCraft a call on 01425 402 507 to request a brochure.

    100% Client Satisfaction
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