Wood Building

Are you thinking of having an extension added to your property? Do you require the addition of a garage to your home? If so, you should look no further than OakCraft, as we design and build stunning bespoke oak framed buildings that will transform your property. To start planning your dream wood building, please call us today on 01425 208 401. 

A Traditional Oak Building 

When it comes to having an extension built on your property, there is no better material to work with than oak. It is a stunning material and, when crafted by a premier team such as OakCraft, an oak construction can be truly magnificent. A structure built from oak will be a beautiful addition to any property and, with our team manufacturing it, will be built to last. 

We understand that many people may be hesitant to invest in an oak framed building as they are environmentally conscious. However, by choosing our team for your oak building, you can rest assured knowing our oak comes from sustainable resources in managed forests. This makes our service much more environmentally friendly than other companies, and our materials more environmentally friendly than others. 

Better yet, thanks to the properties of oak itself, combined with our crafting techniques, you will find your wood building will last for centuries. Having an oak framed building constructed on your property will therefore be a solid investment, lasting for years to come and increasing the value of your home. 

There are many types of wood building we can create here at OakCraft using our incredible crafting techniques and quality oak. Some of the many buildings we can create include: 

Bespoke Oak Buildings

Why Choose Us for Your Oak Construction? 

Welcome to OakCraft, a company that designs and builds beautifully crafted bespoke oak framed buildings. We have built our company around an appreciation for oak construction, a material that has been popular for centuries thanks to its strength, durability, and aesthetics. Our team have years of experience working with oak, studying the traditional techniques and introducing our own spin in order to create the highest quality products for our clients. 

At OakCraft, our name has become synonymous with quality. When people come to us, they expect to receive highquality craftsmanship, tailored design, and impeccable customer service. Our team pay attention to the smallest details when designing and constructing your wood building, always going the extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectations. We take great pride in our work; with every single project we take on receiving the fullest extent of our professionalism and expertise. 

We understand that many clients will wish to see our work for themselves before reaching out to us regarding their own wood building. This is why we have a recent projects section on our site, where you can see how we created an oak framed building for another client. On this page, you can see our process from start to finish, including the initial design concepts and planning right through to construction. You will see the design plans along with images showcasing our work throughout the project, including images of the finished building. These images should give you all the confidence you need to hire us for your own oak framed building. 

So, are you now ready to reach out to us at OakCraft to discuss your own oak building? If so, simply get in touch with our team via one of the below contact methods. 

Contact Us Regarding Your Wood Building

Call OakCraft today on 01425 208 401 to discuss your wood building with our team. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or send an email to us at mail@oakcraft.co.uk.