Oak Framed Garage

Are you looking to invest in your property by adding a brand new garage? Not just any garage, but a handcrafted oak framed garage? Here at OakCraft,  we design and build the most beautiful oak framed Garages the UK has to offer. We can do it all from offices and conservatories to garden rooms and annexes. To provide clients with flawless build quality and wonderfully featured aesthetics, we use a century-old technique and have perfected it.  

What puts us a step ahead of other manufacturers is our impeccable OakCraft Jointing system. To get your oak framed garage now, all you have to do is give us a call on 01425 208 409 or alternatively, send us an email at mail@oakcraft.co.uk. 

The Most Reliable Oak Framed Garage You Can Get  

OakCraft is happy to be the top choice business for delivering the greatest oak framed garages in the UK. You can entirely alter your house and provide much-needed extra space with an oak framed garage manufactured by our experienced team of professionals. 

Each oak framed garage we build is a labour of love. Not a single garage is a premade unit as we provide completely bespoke products. Each and every garage is manufactured to your specifications. We can also modify an existing design to meet your requirements, or we can start from scratch, giving you practically limitless design options. Whether you want to store a single car, many vehicles, or leave room for a free workspace, OakCraft has you covered. 

Why You Need An Oak Framed Garage   

Your dream begins with a concept that we can help develop into reality, much as acorn sprouts and grows into an oak tree. We at OakCraft consider a garage to be an extension of your house, and what better addition to add than our oak framed garages? 

A beautiful house necessitates an even more attractive garage that provides more than a place to park your car. Our oak framed garage may provide you with much needed space and room to accomplish whatever you want with it, such as having a workshop station with a tools shelf. With a natural appearance and aesthetic, you wouldn’t think twice about installing an oak framed garage on your property. 

An Oak Framed Garage Built To Your Specifications  

Every oak product at OakCraft is designed and built to the customer’s specifications, especially our oak framed garages. Everything is constructed perfectly to our customer’s specifications. We can provide you with designs that we create as a standard, or we can start from scratch. Our bespoke oak framed garages are completely customisable in terms of appearance and functionality.  

You can add doors, windows, partitions, and more upon request when we are planning the construction. Nothing is hurried, ensuring that you are completely delighted with your new garage. Whatever you’re searching for, we can make your vision a reality.  

Bespoke Oak Buildings

 Planning And Construction  

To get your OakCraft oak framed garage, we need to start at the very basics; plotting, planning, and construction preparation. OakCraft will be there with you hand by hand whenever you need us when you are planning for your future oak framed garage. If you require planning assistance, we can make ourselves accessible. Drawings of conventional buildings with up to four bays can be made available. This service is provided free of charge, with the exception of a non-refundable local government fee. 

We can begin the construction phase after all of the planning is completed. There are two options: ‘Supply Only’ and ‘Supply and Assembly.’  The supply only option means that all Oakcraft does for you is provide you with the perfectly sized oak components with construction and assembly instructions. If you would rather have a team of our professionals deliver the material and assemble everything from start to finish, then you can go with our supply and assembly option. 

Offering More Than Just Oak Framed Garages  

The mission of Oakcraft is to deliver the greatest quality oak framed constructions, buildings, and materials. We provide materials and advanced architectural techniques to produce the greatest oak framed garages and other structures. If our oak timber frame garages aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then have a look at our other services, which include: 



Oak Garages, Pool Houses, And Stables  

We at OakCraft are passionate about creating high quality wood constructions that are both visually beautiful and long-lasting. Because of their continuously exceptional work, our staff has helped us position ourselves as the number one company for oak based expansions, structures, and more.  

We have a large selection of oak stables, garages, and pool houses for you to choose from. We can also provide consulting for design as well as supply and install these oak frame structures. You can get the best outdoor experience with our stables and pool houses while staying close to home with the most beautiful looking garage.  

Oak Framed Extensions And Garden Rooms  

Extensions and garden rooms are wonderful investments for homeowners looking to improve the comfort of their homes. Similar to conservatories, these areas not only improve the overall appearance of your house, but they also provide more space. Garden rooms vary in size, form, and shape to accommodate a variety of properties.  

Your home’s value will increase when you construct an extension room. Extensions and garden rooms are quick and easy to build but require the assistance of an expert. Clients may anticipate the building of their addition or garden room to be simple, thanks to our patented OakCraft Jointing System. 

Bespoke Oak Framed Buildings 

If you want to have an oak framed building project developed and built for you, Oakcraft can help. Not only are our services completely bespoke, but we can also offer you the skills and materials you require to construct any oak frame project. Our balconies and porches are examples of different architect oak framed structures. 

Oak Balconies And Porches  

Balconies and porches are two of the most typical house improvements. A balcony or porch with an oak frame is a wonderful addition to your house, an attractive investment for more space, a terrific combination of indoors and out, and yet another method to raise the value of your property significantly. Aside from providing a tremendous architectural aspect to your home, an oak porch may help protect you from the elements, including rain and harsh sunlight.  

Upper Floored Buildings  

Take a look at our upper floored buildings if you want a building design that can maximise space. Among all of our structures, these are the most popular. Our craftsmanship and expert staff enable these structures to look stunning while remaining solid and stable. Our upper flooring wood structures are not only sturdy, but they also have a full-height entrance door and an exterior staircase that merges smoothly. The beauty of upper floored oak buildings is that they may be constructed to serve a lot of purposes. 

Gazebos And Carports  

If an oak framed garage doesn’t tickle your fancy, then how about you consider Oakcraft’s oak framed gazebos and carports. Our gazebos and carports are built using the best grade oak wood and an excellent jointing system. Because every single construction we are prepared to offer you is completely bespoke, the beams or bay placement may be adjusted to your desire. We will build you a gazebo or carport that will be a terrific long-term addition to your property. 

Oak Framed Conservatory 

Conservatories are among the most popular house additions, and for a good reason. OakCraft is happy to provide clients with a unique oak framed conservatory for their house. With an oak framed conservatory, you may enjoy a comfortable area that can be used for a variety of reasons; a lovely resting space, living room, or even a little place where pots and plants can be kept due to the natural light pouring in. Our skilled team will assist you in supplying the best quality oak timber as well as assembling it if needed. 

Why Come To Us For A Bespoke Oak Framed Garage?  

You can count on us here at Oakcraft for your new oak framed garage. Oak constructions are among the strongest available, owing to the fact that oak has been a highly utilised material for over 1000 years. We receive the most incredible raw material for your future home investments from our reputable oak suppliers Holmsley Mill.  

We can take classic designs and alter them in any manner we want using the OakCraft Jointing System, allowing greater adaptability and customisation. Each of our projects is completely customised to your ideas and demands. So, if you’re searching for an oak framed garage to store your cars, add additional room for a workshop, or fit in your hobbies, Oakcraft is the place to go. 

Contact Our Experts Today  

Are you looking to add a new architectural installation to your property? If you are interested in oak frame buildings and oak framed garages, then you have come to the right place! We at OakCraft are passionate about creating high quality wood constructions that are both visually beautiful and long-lasting. With our team of experts, we’re able to provide an aesthetic and construction quality that no other manufacturer can match. All of our oak frame garage designs are entirely unique and adaptable to meet your specific preferences. 

Give us a call on 01425 208 409, or alternatively, send us an email at mail@oakcraft.co.uk to learn more about how you can get your very own oak framed garage.